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I want my words to touch you in ways my hands can not

So, please, listen carefully…

Life sometimes can make you feel inadequate

Make you feel invisible, make you feel you don’t exist

But these are times when you then must insist

these are the times when I need you to shine

with the lights that illuminate the place so bright

And use your smile upon the world and leave it with no dark spots

Little Miss Darkness, shine.

For you are not the sum of your fears and rejections

And whenever you forget that,

when tears come streaming from your eyes,

pulling in your ears or the overwhelming reality of your tears,

please shine, Little Miss Stress, shine

whether you are doing it with someone, or you are doing it alone

And when you feel tired and you can’t go on,

request the rain to fall and the sun to shine

so that the clouds may part, and the rainbows can arise,

to show you that what you see is the inner shine within you.


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