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The Ides of March

This morning, I decided that I will do what I've been meaning to do on the 15th of March.

My original plan was to do it on the 15th of May, but considering the circumstances that I'm not allowed to divulge, I chose the "Ides of March" instead, 2 full months before my original plan.

I don't know if y'all know this but in the ancient Roman calendar, each month had its own Ides. In March, May, July, and October, the Ides fell on the 15th day. In all other months, the Ides fell on the 13th day.

I'm sure a lot of y'all know that Shakespeare was the one who popularized the term. I'm also sure that many people, especially those who are into Literature, know when the phrase was uttered in Julius Ceasar.

But while what happened on the Ides of March in Julius Caesar was tragic, mine will not be. Instead, mine will be a celebration of some sorts. What happened to Caesar already happened to me, so in my Ides of March, it will be the complete circumvent of my journey in the last 9 months, like reaching the tip of a full circle.

Not many will know what I plan to do even when the deed has been done. But such is the beauty of life, is it not?


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