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Why She is Special

She will always be my P&P

A lot of people don't understand my fondness for this girl.

Even my own brother always questions me why I always side with her, but his thinking is a bit clouded by and because of his own fondness for the one person that I hate the most right now.

P&P can be a handful at times; she can be a drama queen, a rabble-rouser, a trouble maker, and someone who can get into your skin if she doesn't like you. She can be a lot of things, but one thing she is not is ungracious.

Of the people I have worked with since I founded The I/O Movement, and we are taking about hundreds here, and despite what has happened, she was the only person who reached out to me and wished my a Happy New Year. 1 out of the hundreds, I repeat.

For that alone, I will continue to treasure her.

I have lived long enough and experienced the highs and lows of life to know that when I rise again, she will be the first person I will think of.

She is Acacia Mardiana Daud, and she will always be my P&P.



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