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Something to hope for this year

The Knicks are not that bad this year. We still have a long way to go but we're doing the right things right this year.

After more than a decade of frustrations, Knicks fans like myself have something to look forward to this year, and the future.

Sure, we are not Championship contenders anytime soon, but this season, the front office actually did something that the previous ones failed to do. We drafted well with Obi Toppin and we got the definite steal of 2020 NBA Draft in Immanuel Quickley.

IQ: Definitely the steal of the NBA Draft 2020

As of writing this, we are on a 2 wins streak and are in contention for the Playoffs. Again, it's nothing much to shout about but to Knicks fan, it's something. Actually, it's pretty special. It's been 7 years - last was in the 2013/14 - since we saw our team make the Playoffs.

It's still not a shoo-in that we will make the Playoffs this year, but there is hope.

And sometimes, all we need is hope.


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