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Gotta Do What You Gotta Do

It was, most definitely, one of the toughest decisions I ever had to make.

Albeit confident that it was the right decision for myself and my family, I still went back and forth, back and worth, through many sleepless nights.

When your heart and your mind are in total disagreement with one another, it makes it really tough, even almost impossible, to decide with conviction.

This is true even for people who, despite being blessed with the ability to always be in control of their minds, tend to give everything into whatever it is that they are doing or about to do. I am one such person. The notion of 'in between' does not arise with people like us; we always stand on one opposite side of the spectrum, never in the middle.

But a decision had to be made, and despite the fact that I've always been an 'all heart' kind of person, this particular decision had to be made with my mind.


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