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Am I Arrogant?

I can be.

I can even really be arrogant.

But I don't think I'm naturally arrogant, if you know what I mean? I can be arrogant when I want to be and/or when situation warrants me to be. And even if this doesn't happen all the time, when it happens, I can be the most fucking arrogant bastard you'd ever meet in your life!

What is perceived to be arrogance to some could be mean self-confidence and self-assurance to others

You see, there are certain people who find me arrogant, but the fact is, none of these idiots even know me. All they know is that my name is Ivan and I'm arrogant! And if you ask these haters how they base their conclusion of my arrogance, chances are they won't be able to answer you directly!

My Social Media postings? As if people are who they truly are on Social Media. Idiots!

Yes, I admit, I am, at times, aloof and I don't freely mix with people in public places if I don't know them. Wherever I go, I like to have my own space and I do not go gallivanting from one group of people to the other, saying hi and all that. It's just not me to do that...

Is this arrogance?

I like to be people who are real and sadly, most of the people you see in social places nowadays are as fake as the Rolex's sold in Petaling Street! Honestly, what would I gain from mixing with people who cling on to me and my friends because they need something or want to be like us?

Dude, I can sniff a fucking loser from miles away and if I don't go over and say hi to you, then you know where you stand with me. It's really as simple as that! Is that arrogance? If so, then yes, I'm fucking arrogant!

Geez, is it so hard to understand that I am not the kind of person who would go up to just about anyone and pretend that we are friends?

No, I have never been like that and I’ll never be like that. Even when I needed people to help me achieve my goals, I have never stoop so slow as to beg or ride on their dicks; what more when I need nothing from you!

It's plain common sense really. Just use your fucking brains lah, that is of course if you have one.

If you really want to be my friend, then stop the pretenses and just be yourself; I am more tolerant of people who are honest in their ways. Instead of really wanting to get to know me, your patronizing ways just makes me doubt your intentions and patronizing me doesn’t cut it for me, dude. As I have said, I can sniff a fucking loser from miles away!

I have only a handful of real friends and not all of them are peeps I have known for ages. Some are even very recent but because I can sense the ‘realness’ in them, I am more than happy to open my guarded and closed self to them. This is how I am, and this is how I will always be.

If you think this is arrogance, then yes, I am arrogant.

I agree that I don’t approach people but hey, if you need something from me or you want to get to know me, you should take the effort to come to me. If your ego is a stumbling block, then fuck you! My ego is bigger than yours…

The people whom I call friends can attest to the fact that I go to them as much as they come to me. It’s a give and take thing and depending on who sees who first. If I spot a friend whose back is to me, I take the effort to go to him and holler but if I don’t know you and expect me to the same, then go fuck yourself.

If this is arrogance, then yes, I am an arrogant. Feel me?


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