Restlessly Restful

When I was abroad, I knew I wanted to come home.

But I didn't want to come home to just about any company that wanted my service. I was clear and steadfast with my decision, I would only come back to work in Malaysia for two companies - Malaysia Airlines or PETRONAS.

I was prepared for the delay, or the possibility that I would get neither.

But the adage "man proposes, god disposes" came and knock me off senseless.

A tragedy that shook the nation and the world brought me home, temporarily, at least that's why I kept telling myself then. Truth be told, I didn't want to stay beyond the help that was required of me by the powers that be.

In my mind, then, I was going to do my bit for my country and go back to where I enjoyed a sexy and lucrative job. I knew it will take a few months, for the very reason why I agreed to help - My Small Baby - needed me around.

So I stayed, or more likely, flew in and out.

When everything was stabilizing, I was ready to pack my bags and go. This time, to what most people would call a dream job. I was offered to be the Global Brand Director of one of the biggest flag-carriers in the world.

But yet again, I was humbled by the same adage.

Another tragedy shook the nation. And yet again, I was asked to serve.

And so I did. Again.

But I knew this time around it would be shorter. And I was still en route to go to that dream job.

In between serving the nation and preparing myself to reacclimatize to the Mediterranean culture and weather, an email from a stranger came. It basically said someone (his wife) from a previous interview remembered me and felt that I was the right person to do what her organization is looking for.

Emails and calls were exchanged, and on one rainy afternoon during Ramadhan, I found myself walking into the iconic building for a 'chit-chat'. It was followed by months of more interviews, negotiations, medical, the whole nine yards.

And despite the formal offer, I was undecided.

But in November last year, I found myself in a new job, with a new portfolio, and a new team.

Fast forward to today, and here I am, still on the journey to find my last hurrah, to be where I envisioned my occupational home is.

At least, I am at one of the two I wanted to be in, the two organizations I only wanted to come home to.

The question is, is this home?


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