Trying To Understand The Hatred

I'm not one of Tun Mahathir's biggest fans.

But I don't hate him. Nothing in my personal dislike for him could justify hating him.

In fact, setting aside my personal feelings and just looking at what he has done for the country, I'd even dare say that the old man is a true statesman.

You either love him or hate him. Either way, it's with equal passion.

But why do the non-Muslims hate him with so much passion?

And we are not talking even about those who lived in the era when he was the Prime Minister. (When I say lived, I don't mean the children and the university students, but their parents who supported them) Most of the hatred, and the ad hominem attacks, come from the younger generation of the populace, those who were either merely kids and/or students when he ruled.

I always wondered why.

When he ruled Malaysia, the economy was great. It was so great that the parents of these youths were able to make a good living, thus enabling them to send their children overseas and got them educated. And yet, it is those who are educated that are the most vociferous in their attacks against the statesman.

Again, it makes you wonder, does it not?

His biggest haters always return to the same line of thought in their hatred - he was corrupt.

Say, this is true. Was he so corrupt that the Malaysian populace suffered because of it? Was he so corrupt that Malaysians - especially the Non-Malays - didn't have anything to eat and were dying of famine?

I don't think so. In fact, on the contrary, as mentioned above, the economy was great. Most Malaysians - especially the non-Malays - were enjoying the successful economy that he created. And, also as mentioned above, a lot of the Non-Malays were doing great that they were able to afford to send their children overseas to study.

So, again, where does this hatred come from?

Then, it dawned on me.

DAP, version 3.0, is ruled by the minority evangelists

There is a co-relation between the rise of the DAP and the increased vitriol against Tun Mahathir. Look at it objectively, put your blind and partisan politics aside, and you'd see the merit of this hypothesis.

In the current political scenario, most Malaysians under 40 are, without a doubt, anti-establishment. While I don't have the actual numbers, it's not far fetch to say that amongst the non-Malays, the DAP, undoubtedly, is the preferred political party of choice.

I have no issue with that. I could even respect that. The ability to choose which political party to support is, as they say, part and parcel of democracy.

But what has the rise of the DAP have anything to do with the increasing hatred for Tun Mahathir?

It's actually really simple, if you just open your minds.

DAP hates Mahathir and the current DAP, version 3.0, is dominated and led by the evangelists.

DAP hates Tun Mahathir because of the the latter's perceived pro-Malay and pro-Islam stances. DAP hates Tun Mahathir because the latter commands the respect of majority of the Muslims, not only in Malaysia but in the entire Muslim world as well.

Get it?

If you can't see the point I'm making, then it is obvious that you're too blinded by your political allegiances to even try to understand what I have just written. Let me end this article and leave y'all with excerpts of Tun Mahathir's Parliamentary speech on May 26, 1965:

It is a peculiarity of this country that those who openly accept the fact of racial division are the people less prone to racialist politics... On the other hand, the so-called non-communal parties are the most communal and racialist in their attitudes. Basically, they are pure Chinese chauvinists, or they derive inspirations from a common dislike for the Malays."

                                                                                                                      - Dr Mahathir Mohammad


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