Let's Get It Out Of The Way, Shall We?

It’s a week into the New Year, and I promised myself I will try to start writing again this year.

But before that, let’s get something out of the way, shall we?

I know a lot of you must be asking this yourselves, and those who felt that they are close enough to me actually asked me if it is indeed as such.

Well, contrary to how it's always been perceived when it happens to anyone, the answer is no.

No, I didn't sell myself to the devil.

I doubt that devil could afford me

Was I bought over with huge loads of cash, neatly tucked in a very expensive Hermes attaché case? Or was I given a multi-million dollar home, equipped with an Olympic-size pool and movie theatre that could put TGV cinemas to shame? Or whatever ridiculous accusations people could come up with nowadays, hurled at those whom they perceived to have gone against the opposition in Malaysia.

Nope, none of that. Though, I think I clearly deserve to get all of them. And some.

Granted, if you know me well enough, you, too, would be surprised at how I ‘turned against’ the Opposition. After all, we’re talking about someone who, in his own ways, took to the streets and cried for reforms in 1998, worked behind the scenes to free DS Anwar Ibrahim from the bogus conviction and imprisonment he had to endure, marched in all the Bersih rallies in calling for Free and Fair Elections, attended trial after trial, campaigned for the Opposition since the 1999 Elections, always voiced out to those who were willing to listen how corrupt the government is, and who always looked up to the Opposition leader for what he’s done for the Muslims minorities worldwide.

In all honesty, I can’t fault you for thinking that I, too, have been bought.

I still have the utmost respect for this man for everything he's done to help the Muslim minorities worldwide

But the truth is, I just got tired of all the politicking the opposition parties are doing. It’s one thing to sell your ideas to the people; it’s another to deliberately mislead them into believing something that is not possible at all.

You could say, “but that’s what politics is all about, no?

True. But I didn't do what I did because of politics; I did it because I believed in the cause that they were fighting for. Unfortunately, since 2008, ever since the slight savors of power have been tasted, it is no longer about what you believe in, everything is now about politics, and that too, is to gain more power.

And I have said this more often than I could remember - I am not a politician.

That aside, it’s hard for me to believe in whatever they are doing nowadays for I know, having been inside their camp, all they want is to attain the ultimate power, at whatever cost.

I could still respect that, had I been one of those ‘political’ types.

But then again, I’m not.

Just because I ain’t gonna waste my time attending rallies doesn’t mean I don’t long for a better Malaysia. Of course I do. But rather than be engrossed in rhetoric, I may as well actually do something to ensure that my children would have a solid foundation to live their lives on.

So, if y’all ‘Johnny-come-latelies’ wish to go to the streets every time y’all wanna whine about something, by all means, go ahead and do it.

Me? I’m just gonna do whatever I need to do to make sure my family won’t suffer in the future.


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