Why Can't You Learn The National Language?

Malaysians are a funny lot.

On one hand, we take pride in being a multi-racial, multi-religious and multi-ethnic country. On the other hand, some races take a hard stand in refusing to learn the national language.

Why can't people learn the national language?

Personally, I have no issues with preserving and promoting a particular race's mother tongue. In fact, I think the preservation of one's language, customs and what have you, is a great and noble thing to do; more so, in a country like Malaysia.

But these preservation should not come in the way of learning the national language.

How can you call yourself a Malaysian and yet, refused to learn the national language? That's totally messed up, man.

Why is it perfectly alright for the Chinese and Indians in France or Germany or anywhere for that matter to learn and master the respective national languages of those countries, and yet, in Malaysia, learning Bahasa is such a big deal and people are even encouraged to not learn it?

Why is that so?

Say what y'all want, Sabah is the epitome of what Malaysia should be!

Is it because they equate the national language with the Malays, a race whom they always looked down on for being lazy, simpletons, unintelligent, etc.?

You know, in Sabah, we don't have such problems. Maybe we do, but it's not as pronounced and certainly not as 'let-us-go-and-have-a-rally-to-show-that-we-mean-business' big as the one in Malaya. Every Sabahan Chinese I know speak their respective mother tongues, and those who went to Chinese schools speak Mandarin. But you know what? They all speak Bahasa, complete with the local twang!

Again, let me reiterate that I am all for mother tongue preservation but a line should be drawn when it comes to the national language. I say, have some respect for the citizenship you're holding, and at least learn the national language.

To the non-Malays who can't even structure a proper sentence in the national  language, my 93 year old popo-in-law can put y'all to shame! If the PM of Singapore can address his nation in Bahasa, I don't see no reason why y'all should continue to resist in not wanting to learn the national language.

Popo and My Small Baby can put y'all to shame!

Seriously, learning the national language won't make you less of a Chinese, or an Indian, or whatever. Nor would it make you very Melayu. 

But you know what learning Bahasa would make you?

A bonafide Malaysian.


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