I Know Where I Need To Be

As always, trust My Small Baby to put things - intended or otherwise - in perspective for me.

As I seriously contemplate on which industry to go to, something she said in a casual conversation just clicked and made it clear as to which industry should I be in.

If I were to be honest, it’s not my most preferred industry at the moment. But if I were to take a step back, and allow myself to see the industries I want to be in objectively, I have to go with what My Small Baby said.

In my career, I have plied my trade in a few industries – FMCG (including F&B), Advertising, IT, and Airline. While I mostly have no regrets joining any of them, and have been, in most part, successful in what I was supposed to do, there is one crucial thing that sets one of these industries apart from the rest, and that is what My Small Baby correctly pointed out to me a few days ago.

Albeit I am still somewhat deciding, depending on a few factors, I more or less know which industry I need – not want - to go back to. 

And I have My Small Baby to thank for for her inadvertent advice. I guess she knows me more than I know myself.


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