Three Months On...

Where do I even begin?

Usually, people start from the beginning, but that is not applicable to me in this instance. So where do I then start?

I seriously don't know. Sometimes, I even wonder if I still care.

Come the 21st, I shall speak the truth. Will it be enough? Only time will tell.

I guess I do; otherwise I won't be taking the effort to clear my name. But it's not even a battle for survival anymore, y'know? It's more a war against the detractors who, I suppose, aren't used to the movement that I have initiated, the drive that I lead, the programs that my team and I are rolling-out.

My mentor once told me that for me to succeed, I need to not care about my detractors and what they say or do. Through the years, I lived by this advice, and through the years, organizations after organizations, I was successful.

But this one is different, or so I thought. I made the mistake of thinking that great work will allow me the space to move on and do more great work. But I was wrong, or could be wrong. Does it even matter anymore?

I guess it does. It does matter to me, and by extension, and the wonderful team that I lead. But like in the past, I won’t be surprised if one of them would be tempted to go against me. But you know, should it happen, I can turn my back and smile.

 The more they tell me things can't be done, the more I'll prove it to them that it could be.

A n y w a y s. . . 

It’s been 3 months since I joined AirAsia X and nothing, I repeat, nothing could take the fact that I’m having a great ride. Or should I have written ‘Have had?’ It doesn’t matter, really. I know what I have done. People know what I have done. And whatever minor – or major, depending on the outcome – obstacles that are thrown my way, I will continue to believe that truth will prevail.

I was advised to keep my life private, to not show my passion and emotions. How could I? My life has always been about passion. My life has always been an open book. My parents taught me not to be afraid of the consequences when we speak of the truth. 

Unlike many, I don’t keep grudges; I say what’s on my mind and move on with my life. Admittedly, though it has gotten me into troubles in the past, I still managed to live my life the way I wanted and achieved all the success that I’ve had. I wouldn’t have any of this had I sacrificed the very principles that makes me who I am.

Happy 3 months, IO!

3 months on, I’m being tested. I hope to overcome this and continue to soar to greater heights. I believe, should the truth prevail, I will be acquitted of these scurrilous charges. Come to think of it, they’re actually insignificant, but someone has created a mountain out of this tiny molehill.

In God I put my life into. In truth I will fight. In my innocence I will win.

Happy 3 months, IO.


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