And IO Is 'Bringing His Talents' To...

At the outset, let me clarify that the 'bringing the talent' statement is a parody of Lebron James' announcement when he moved from Cleveland to Miami, lest y'all think I'm so full of myself.

It should not, I repeat, it should not be taken seriously.

A n y w a y s . . .

In the span of my career, it is not uncommon for me to receive multiple offers at the same time. Nor is it common for me to have a tough time deciding which company - and Brand - I wanted to join.

But this time around, it was just that.

The biggest Brand in the world was the first that came my way, and for anyone involved in Branding, it was a dream come true. Then, it was one of the biggest international agencies in the world with an offer to lead the Planning of their biggest client worldwide.

Where I choose to go is not where the money is more, nor how glamorous the position is, but where my heart has always been, and will always be.

Now, the aforementioned two alone is more than enough to boost a faltering ego, but considering that I regard my next position as my last hurrah, and while I am beyond excited and privileged to have been offered, there was one other category that I wanted to be in, and for all intents and purposes, it is purely a very personal reason.

If you know me enough, besides my family and my religion, nothing is more personally meaningful to me than My Small Baby. And all throughout our relationship, our careers were always built on the premise of me being on the ground, and her, off it.

Before your minds wander to the unthinkable, no, I am not joining Malaysia Airlines :-)

But close.

More than that, the portfolio brings together my passion for Branding, Sports, Travel, and most important of all, just to reiterate once again, my unconditional love for My Small Baby. With this, I can finally be 'closer' to her, not just from a personal point of view, but also from an occupational perspective.

Come 091911 - no, the numbers are not a coincidence - IO is bringing 'his talents' to Head the Marketing Department of . . .



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