Of Wings, Being Grounded, Wants And More

If you are a regular to my blog, you would probably notice my heading, where it says "Wings are supposed to makes us fly; I need mine to stay grounded."

That is what I have always felt, and believed.

That, whilst generally wings are used to make something fly, I have always found wings to be the catalyst of me staying grounded. I know it's kinda the opposite, and perhaps not many people would get it, but that's just me being me.

Anyways, I think there comes a point in our lives where we have no choice but to sacrifice something(s) that we really want with something that we want more.

I have arrived in such a situation.

Anyone who is involved in Branding who is worth his/her salt would tell you that it would be a dream to work with and/or for the biggest Brand in the world.

I, too, would love the opportunity, and I am blessed to have that. All I need to do is show up for work in January 2012.

In the span of my career, I have worked for, and with, two of the biggest FMCG organizations in the world - Colgate Palmolive and Procter & Gamble. And there is a huge possibility that I would get to work for the other giant in the triumvirate of FMCG Gods - Unilever. In between, I've also had the privilege of working with the biggest F&B organization in the world - Nestle.

I want to work with the biggest  Brand in the world and I could.

I want to work with the last FMCG giant I am yet to work with, to complete the so-called 'big three' and there is a huge chance that I might get it as well.

But there is something that I want more; something I've always wanted to do for quite sometime now. It may not be as financially rewarding or as glamorous as the aforementioned two, but it is, by far, the most fulfilling in my book.

A lot of y'all would be shocked and surprise. What else is there for someone in Branding, who has been offered by the biggest Brand in the world, and is about to be offered to work on the other FMCG giant he hasn't touched?


Let's see.

Some of the things I'm most passionate about, and the people who really know me could attest to this, are Branding, Brands, Sports - especially Basketball, Travelling, Culture, Languages, Partying and Strategies, to name just a few.

Now, if you were given a chance to do everything I just listed, won't you want it more?

I know I do.


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