Merdeka; What Merdeka?

Forty Eight years down the road, Borneo is still not getting the recognition that its due.

I have nothing against the celebration of Merdeka on the 31st of August, it is only right. After all, Malaya did get her independence on the said date. But to continuously say that it is Malaysia's Independence Day is not only factually right, it is also a condescending attitude that colonizers used to have.

Oh wait, are Sabah and Sarawak still colonized to this day?

When Tunku declared Merdeka, it wasn't for Malaysia; it was for Malaya

How long more will the government continue to cheat Malaysians and distort history?

The Federation of Malaysia came into being on September 16, 1963, after Malaya joined forces with then newly independent Sabah, Sarawak and Singapore. Before that date, there was no such thing as Malaysia! Just Google Malaysia's wiki page and you'll see what I mean.

Isn't it enough that the Malayans have bastardized the most natural resources rich state to being the poorest in the country? I can't speak for Sarawak but as a Sabahan, I have every right to voice my displeasure with the continuous distortion of history as well as eternal daylight rape of my state.

Admittedly, the current situation was abetted by our own Sabahan leaders, from Tun Mustapha to the current Chief Minister, Musa Aman. They not only sold their respective souls to the 'colonialists' from Malaya, they have also sold the souls of each and every Sabahan.

 The man who sold the souls of all Sabahans - past, present and future.  

Today, as Malaysians celebrate the 54th independence of Malaysia, do they actually mean Malaya? Because no matter what kind of distortion to the history the government makes, the fact of the matter is that, today, 54 years ago, there existed no such country as Malaysia.

And you want us Sabahans to join our Peninsular compatriots in celebrating something that we have no part of?

Maybe in the past. But not anymore.

We'll wait for September 16 instead, and on that day, we will remember how our trusted leaders sold our souls - past and present - to the colonizers from the Peninsula.

And is that worth celebrating about?


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