Dreaming Of The Color Red

Red is not my favorite color.

I can't be too sure but I think most of my Air Jordan's have some red in them, but only because the Chicago Bulls color is Red, White and Black. I can, however, confirm that most of my Jordan Apparels - T's, Sweats, etc - are in the color red.

Come January 2012, I am moving to work for the biggest brand in the world.

The Brand's color is red.

In the meantime, I am also talking to one of the world's biggest ad agencies, to lead the Planning Team for a global Brand, globally.

The agency is known for its striking red color.

But none of the above-mentioned are the reasons why I am dreaming of the color red.

It's something else.

It's something that had never crossed my mind, ever.

But in parallel to my day dreams of the color red, one thing stood out prominently in my thoughts; that, should this dream metamorphosed into realities, I am giving a whole new meaning to the term 'opposites attract.'

Next week, I'm taking the first step into trying to realize what I have been incessantly day dreaming the last few days.

Till then, I shall continue to dream of the color red.


Marsha said...

Hi Ivan,

How have you been? Its been so loong..How is Rachel? Please send her my regards.

Also, congrates on the Coke :)

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