What Triggers Limerences?

For the longest time, I have always been intrigued and amazed by limerence, and truly wondered about this particular subject matter.

Just Google it and you will find a lot of interesting articles about it. But as much as I love to read, the thought of surfing through pages after pages on the internet to fully understand what it is, is just overwhelming, not to mention a pain to my tired and dreary eyes.

The subject of Limerence has always intrigued me

The good side is, I just found the best article on the web, bar none, that will explain romantic infatuation to a new found level of precision. It gives it a rather cold, honest scientific view which I found extremely appealing - and even gives it a new term: 'Limerence.' In any case it's far better than any of those "Aunt Agony" articles you'll find littered across the net.

To be honest limerence almost sounds like a disease, but then again I don't suppose that's too far from the truth. Take a look at the symptoms: intrusive thinking, acute longing for reciprocation, fear of rejection.... You'd almost expect a doctor's signature somewhere down the list.

The most enlightening statement is that limerence - or infatuation - will only intensify under uncertainty and doubt; in other words, you will only go mad over a person if you are not sure if they really like you or not.

Limerence only blossoms to feverish peaks if there is a certain balance of hope and uncertainty. I wondered, reflected even, on this and it seems to be absolutely true. This gives all the rhyme and reason behind the "playing hard to get" philosophy or the proverbial "Carrot on a stick" terminology.

However I don't think it is strictly related to members of the opposite sex. There are other limerent objects, such as Limited edition Air Jordan's. These hard-to-get kicks seem to have many limerent properties.

Obviously nobody really expects to get "reciprocation" from a sneaker - but many of the stages, including "crystallization" - viewing the limerent object of desire in an illogically positive light - seem to occur. I guess, you have to be an Air Jordan collector to comprehend what I am saying. (Note: The article on Crystallization is also a great read and is a key component of the process called the limerent reaction)

I feel the article in Wikipedia has applications that stretch far beyond romantic love - in fact it is a full analysis of the pathology of human desire - how humans seems to become obsessed with certain things that they can and cannot obtain at the same time.

It's all about the balance between hope and uncertainty, I think.

Either that, or my eccentricity has gone beyond human comprehension.


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