What If...

A couple of weeks back, My Small and I, busking in glow after a solid 90 minutes of Reflexology session, and over coffee, asked me: "what if it is proven that it is really Anwar in the video?"

I was initially tongue tied, I admit.

Even after being in-love with and knowing her all these years, she never fails to catch me off guard. And that night, I was hit with another left field kinda question.

Indeed, what if it's really him?

My Small Baby knows the personal and family connection and having always been my voice of reason, she asked me something that made me really think before I even considered answering.

I think it's normal for anyone to be defensive of their family and loved ones. More often than not, how many of us actually take time to think what to answer when it concerns people close to us? What makes it even more difficult is when you wholeheartedly (or is it blindly?) believe that the subject of discussion is incapable of doing what was posed.

But that night, despite my resolute belief, I did ponder on the possibility. It was a thought-provoking question and albeit we never engage in banters like the kind I had with My Li’l Girl, I could honestly say that only My Small Baby could pose questions that make me truly question my beliefs on personal grounds.

I couldn’t remember what my answer was; I think I mumbled something along the lines of, “if it’s really him, then it’s him. And while my respect would somehow diminish, I could not, in any way, abandon him.”

Anyways, have you been faced with the same kind of probing, belief-shattering, straight-to-the-point questions?


I don't know about the future but I am certain that with this accusation, I was right in my belief for the man :-)


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