Are We Really That Stupid?

I seriously don’t understand the brouhaha over RPK’s interview with TV3.

There are emails and FB messages flying around condemning him of being a sellout and what not. But before these people jump the gun, did they actually listen to what was said, and more importantly, understand them?

And there are some who are accusing him of allowing himself to be used by the government for the Sarawak State Elections. The interview was actually done 2 months ago and it is only now that they are showing it, in time for the elections. It is not his fault; it’s the government and the government-owned TV3 that is responsible for trying to hoodwink the general public.

Personally, I think RPK didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, I think it was him who used TV3. Like the Statutory Declaration 3 years ago, he still wants the authorities to investigate the claims made by a military intelligence officer. And since nothing has been done since then, he’s hoping that by going to TV3, he could stir this up again and maybe, the police would do something this time.

Wishful thinking, I say. That is the only think I could think of as RPK’s wrongdoing; he hoped for the impossible. Getting the authorities and the police to investigate the claims contained in his SD is like like me being the recipient of Alyssa Milano's affection, ‘nah mean?

It would have been good though had he preempted his readers and wrote about him being interviewed by TV3. But he didn’t and now, people are turning their backs on him.

Are we really that stupid and gullible? That just because he allowed himself to be interviewed, knowing that the mainstream media is gonna have a field day spinning it out of context, means he has sold out?

Are we really that dumb?


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