Why Does Everyone Think I'm Expensive?


Why does everyone think that I am expensive?

The truth is, I'm just a simple guy. Granted, I have an expensive taste but that doesn't mean I'm expensive, feel me?

We make our own lives and I have a vision of how I want mine to be

Yes, I was brought up in a certain manner but I have also lived through phases of a simple life. Does being brought up the way I was automatically mean that I am forever expectant of living the rest of my life in luxury?

The answer is no.

Believe it or not, despite growing up the way I did, all I want and long for is a simple life; a normal life where I can provide for my family the way a man is expected and supposed to, and while extra things are welcome, they are not really mandatory.

Even as a kid, I often fantasized that when I'm finally married and settled, all I ever wanted was a roof over our heads, foods on the table, savings for my kids to go to college, and 3 cars - 1 for me, 1 for my wife and a SUV for the kids.

That simple, really.

It is through simplicity that we truly live

I seriously can't fathom why people - or potential employers, for that matter - always think that I'm expensive without even hearing what I have to say. And it's really frustrating to be subjected to that kind of perception when the truth is far from what they seem to be.

Here's a piece of advice to those who don't know, which basically means most people: the fundamental difference between old money and new money is that the former, more often than not, long for a life of simplicity, dictated by love and affection from the people they love most. It's called culture.

No matter how much more the new money have over the old money, one thing they could never have is culture. You just can't buy it. You just can't. You need to be born into it and it takes generations after generations to cultivate.

Trust me, I know.

So, if anyone of you think I'm expensive to even hang with - or employ, for that matter - think again. What else do I want in life?

My happiness is derived from seeing My Small Baby happy

And if truth be told, all I really want right now is to make My Small Baby happy, the way she deserves to be. And unless and until I am able to that consistently, every single day, no amount of money could ever give me the kind of happiness that I get with just a smile from her.

A smile, yes, just a smile; that's all I'll ever need in my life.

Do you still think I'm expensive?


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