When The Attacks Keep Coming, The Ending Is In Sight

I don't know who advises the Prime Minister on political strategies but whoever they are, they should be fired immediately.

In the last week or so, the whole country was abuzz with the purported Anwar Ibrahim Sex Tape. I am not gonna get into the details as most Malaysians already know what is in it and the people behind the leakage.

His group of political strategists should be fired asap! They are as unintelligent as the man they're advising

What I want to write about is the absurdity and the intellectual ineptness of those who planned the whole thing and the stupidity and idiocy of those who approved them.

Another sex-related attack? C'mon now. Really?

Just because it was, in a way, successful the first time out - Anwar was unjustly incarcerated - doesn't mean it would always be the case. The only reason why it was successful in the late 90's was because Tun Mahathir scared the shit out of everyone - the Umno members, PDRM and of course, the entire Judiciary.

So to think that throwing the same stones at Anwar Ibrahim would and could achieve the same results is just plain naive and shows real lack of intelligence.

It's been generally accepted by the Malaysian populace, and the world at large, that the current Prime Minister is nowhere as intelligent as Tun Mahathir and other previous Prime Ministers.

It's always a good sign when BN ups their attack ante against Anwar Ibrahim; it means they are shit scared of what's about to happen

And the recycling of personal attacks against Anwar Ibrahim just confirms this very notion. The smart thing for a not-so-smart leader is to surround himself with those who actually have the abilities to think but unfortunately - or fortunately, depending on where you stand - the current Prime Minister's lack of intelligence doesn't permit him to even think as such.

Personally, whether they admit or not, the ruling party is shit scared of Anwar Ibrahim and what he's capable of achieving. He isn't without flaws but compared to the people that run the government, he's a saint.

And with the Sarawak state elections less than 3 weeks away, the personal attacks would only get crazier. And the more ludicrous and personal the attacks get, the more it augurs well for Pakatan Rakyat and the people of Malaysia, for it could only mean one thing - there is a genuine threat to BN's survival.

Is it the end for the ruling coalition?

I hope so.


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