Following The Spirit Is Not Always The Right Route

I went to a catholic school.

Yup, you read it right; a catholic school. It was run by Jesuits and for what it's worth, it was one of the best schools in New York. I was there till Grade 6, after which, I moved to Collegiate on West 78th.

Loyola: My first school ever!

I read the Bible at Loyola - not to be mistaken with St Ignatius Loyola - concurrently with the Holy Qur'an that I read at home. I was learning both my religion and Catholicism at the same time. I never had issues with any of them, y'know? At that age, I was both, in a way, coerced to learn them - mandatory at school and mandatory by my parents at home. What does a pre-pubescence kid know?

I ain't doing a comparative religion analysis with this entry. I just wanted to open it with providing a background so as to necessitate the connectivity of what I actually wanted to write about.

Anyways, we were always advised at school that whenever we have doubts and/or unsure of what to do, always follow the spirit. In most cases, I do and it had been the right thing to do.

Yes, I was a catholic school boy, complete with uniform and all :-)

But there are times when following the spirit is the wrong road to take. I learned it a couple of Wednesdays ago, and in a very painful manner, too.

After not touching a basketball - going to a basketball court is different, it's my place of solace - in almost 2 years, I went to ball with a few peeps. And boy did I find out how rusty I was!

I mean, I'm not that bad. I know I could still play and my outside shots, while not as accurate as it used to be, were still going in. Balling is something you'd never lose, just like riding a bike. If you know how to play, no matter how much time had lapsed since you last played, your skills are still there.

Now, I have always played 1. And it's fundamental that you need to be able to drive to the basket and shoot from outside. This is where my spirit failed me.

Collegiate: I'm proud to be from there

You know the saying, 'the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak'? That is what happened to me. Every time I slashed towards the basket, there never was a time when I doubted my ability to blow the person guarding me, while I could pass through the person guarding me, it is after blowing by that my spirit is not good enough to finish.

And you know what's worst? It's when subconsciously, you know you could hang a bit on air and while you're trying to figure out how to evade the person guarding you while airborne, gravity brings you down faster than you could say 'dayum!'

That's what happened to me! Here I thought I could still hang like before but the reality is, as soon as I go up, I'm already down again :-(


I thought I could still do things like this :-(

Besides that, my stamina was practically non-existent. I was panting halfway through the first game and after the whole thing, it took my body nearly a week to recuperate. Now, how said that, eh?

I'm going to play again this Wednesday - moved my WIP to Friday - and this time, before I listen to the spirit, per se; I'm going to ensure that the flesh is good enough to support the spirit.

Let's see if I'll manage to do just that.


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