Do Birds Of The Same Feather Always Flock Together?

Ah, the classic office romance.

Boy meets girl. Boy pursues girl. Girl swoons over boy. They spend so much time together that a relationship ends up becoming inevitable. Intra-office relationships can be a dream come true or an impending nightmare.

The same could be said of romances within the same industry; in different organizations, but in the same line.

I have nothing against such relationships. In fact, I think they could work out all the way and end in eventual bliss. I have friends who are in such relationships - The Talking Dog and his girlfriend used to work together, in different arms of the same department. There is also The Hampsap King and his forgiving, martyr of a girlfriend; he's in Creative, she's in Servicing, and they're in different agencies.

Bottom-line, I believe it could work out. And in lots of cases, it does.

However, personally, I don't think I would want that, y'know? While it is great to be able to talk about the same things, live in the same world, and bitch about the same people, I wouldn't want to find myself in a situation where most conversations are based on things and people we both know.

Sure, little and impromptu trysts add to the excitement of the relationship, but I personally think they are not enough to combat the strains and problems that usually come with relationships.

It is exciting to get some booty time while at work

I mean, what if you had a fight and need your space? It's good with those who work in different organizations but how about those who don't? I wouldn't want to be in an awkward situation where after a fight, and both needing their own spaces, I am forced to come face-to-face with her. And it doesn't help that I don't have a poker face; how I am feeling is what you're exactly going to get from my face.

Maybe it's just me but I like to learn a lot of things and talk about them. My Small Baby loves, and at the same time and sometimes loathes, her job. To be able to listen to her about it is something that I like doing, I enjoy it and I learn a lot about her industry in the process.

And whenever I travel, the things I learn about in-flight emergency, catering, services and what not, gives me a totally different perspective on the things that I notice and makes flying a better experience. It also makes me smile when I see little mistakes here and there, even though most of the passengers do not.

And there is that unhealthy competitiveness that I have. And to be in a relationship with someone in the same office and/or in the same industry doesn't really bode well with this pesky attitude of mine.

Say, I am dating someone who is in Creative or Servicing. As a Planner, I need to make them see and realize the importance of my work, and girlfriend or not, by God, I'm gonna make them do just that!

And it scares the shit out of me to even think that my girlfriend couldn't comprehend what I'm saying. Oh, it's dreadful to even consider that I'm dating a girl who's not as intellectual as I am! And if she stubbornly doesn't get what I'm trying to convey, she's not gonna hear the end of it come after work hours.

Not all office romances are like that of McDreamy and Meredith. Besides, they're fiction, y'know?

Yes, intra-office and/or within the same industry romances is something that a lot of people have and I see lots of them achieve happiness. It eliminates the excuse of not having enough time to see someone you love because of work and it sure does make for exciting work days.

Maybe, I'm the odd man out, y'know? But then again, I am always mostly different.

Whatever the relationship structure may be, I still believe that both parties need to put in the effort to make it work. I just think it's easier to do that when you're not on each other's faces all the time.

But that's just me.


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