Another Great Example Of Malay Idiocy!

The picture says it all.

Who in their right frame of sane mind could ever do something like this?

The answer is nobody!

Today's Berita Harian Editorial Cartoon: Some idiot Malays attempt at humor

Only a bunch of idiots could show creativity this way. Only an idiot could approve such pictorial! Only an idiot could even think there is some form of comedy in this.


This is what I have against some of the Malay populace in the country. Let's not get it twisted; the operative word here is 'some' and I am not, in any way or form, even if there is a good basis for it, generalizing.

I hope the government fires the people behind this insensitive cartoons. I'm not confident they will but one can hope.

When the Danish cartoonists posted the controversial depictions of the Holy Prophet, the Malays were screaming blood, and rightfully so.

And then they come up with something like this? *shakes head*

Idiots at their finest. And they wonder why the other races look down on them. ha!

Only in Malaysia, only in bodoh-land.


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