Tomorrow Is Not Just Another Day

No, it isn't just another day.

To some, like someone I know, tomorrow signals either the end or the beginning.

He had everything a man could hope to have in his lifetime.

He had love; he was loved, he loved and continues to still love.

He lived in luxury, as much as this materialistic world we live in would and could allow.

He was surrounded by people who were charmed and smitten by him. He was constantly and continuously praised by the people around him; some more than the others, some deserved, others are not.

He was a man who had everything. Until he fucked it up. Big time.

One ponders how a man with his intelligence and stature could blow everything up with a single stroke of stupidity?

Pride? Stubbornness? Stupidity? Fate?

Truly mind boggling. Here's a man who had everything and poised to achieve way more and yet, time and again, he always fucked things up for himself and the people who are all emotionally invested in him.

But it has to end sooner or later, one way or another.

He has reached that point. He's on his final crossroad and another wrong detour would signal the end of everything he has ever treasured in his life, and that includes the people he loves.

As he deliberates on that detour to his redemption, he's faced with the decision of doing the right things right, something he's always known but always somehow finds creative and numerous ways to fuck it all up. Always.

At the end of it all, it's just a story of a man who is trying to keep things together while falling apart.

I know the feeling. I really do.

After all, I am that man.


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