Lucky #6

Today's random thought is brought to you by the number 6 :-)

I know someone who has had 5 lovers in her short life. It could be more now but it was 5 when I knew her.

In my time, she would have been perceived by society as someone with very loose morals, a trollop as it was known back then. But I guess in today's world, 5 is too low of a number to perceived as one, no?

I actually saw the picture above a couple of weeks on PostSecret but since I was in no mood to blog then, I just saved it for future use.

Anyways, this entry is not to make fun of anyone. It is just that when I saw the picture, my thoughts automatically went to her.

And like the visual, I hope #6 is the lucky number for her. I really do.

For what it's worth, she truly deserves to be happy. She is, and could be, a lot of things but where it matters most, she's got a good heart.


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