The Rise And Fall Of Gary Ng

Crime doesn't pay.


Gary Ng, the infamous 'sex-blogger' was sentenced to 50 months imprisonment and fined SGD 20,000 after admitting to four charges of forgery and one count each of housebreaking and theft, criminal breach of trust and unlawfully having another person's identity card.

The infamous Gary Ng

Gary Ng, whose real name is Chen Guilin, gained notoriety when he started uploading videos of his sex escapades with different women onto the net. My boy at GutterUncensored has all his videos uploaded onto his site if you are all curious, as I’m not gonna post any here in my blog.

So yeah, the dude is gonna spend over 4 years in jail and it’s not even gonna because of the videos but mainly because he turned to committing crime in desperation. Worst, it was his girlfriend who reported him to the police that led to his entrapment! Serves him right, I guess.

Personally, what he does in his bedroom is his business. But when I read that there are videos that was shot without consent, then I think he deserves whatever he got. It’s one thing to film one’s sexcapades but it had to be voluntarily and with the knowledge of the other party. Anything else is a crime to me.

Yeo Poh Tiang, the lawyer of Gary Ng's girlriend, is the one who entrapped him by luring him

I seriously applaud Singapore’s strict laws; had it been committed in Malaysia, this dude would have made a clean getaway. It is nice to know that the adage ‘crime does not pay’ still holds true in some countries.

In the end, Gary Ng’s e-fame was nothing but temporary. It is often the case when the intentions are always evil. I hope he gets raped in jail, I’m sure those who have been there could teach him a thing or two about how to treat women.

Indeed, crime doesn’t pay.


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