On The First Day Of The New Year, This Is What I Wore...

I think it'd be awesome if you sing the title - as opposed to reading it - the same way you would sing 12 Days of Christmas :-)


As previously mentioned, I am going back to basics, back to a time when I was still a Sneakerhead. I also wrote that I will be wearing a different Air Jordan everyday till the 23rd, a pair from the AJ XIII series on the 24th and the AJ XI Cool Grey on the 25th. And that I will be documenting them in a WDYWT format.

So, here goes...

01.01.11 - Air Jordan Hi Blue Sapphire

Of all my AJ I's, I chose this particular pair because it's in my favorite color, it reminds me of The Smurfs - something which My Small Baby is currently crazy about - and I wanted to wear something that I could really walk with, something that none of my OG's and old retro's could do.

01.02.11 - Air Jordan II Low Retro White/Metallic Silver Varsity Maize

Let's not kid ourselves, AJ II is one of the weakest Air Jordan series ever.

Obviously, I can't wear any of my OG AJ II's as well as the 1994 Retro's, not that I wanted to in the first place. I actually wanted to wear the 2004 'Melo but I don't have a pair with me right now.

In the end, after checking my collection, it was either the one above or the Air Jordan II Doernbecher and if you know me enough, you'd know that I am biased towards white based sneakers. Besides, have you seen the color combination of the Doernbecher's?

Oh, I realized that I don't blog everyday and the readers of my blog are scattered all over the world and have different timezones. So, what I'm gonna do then is wear an Air Jordan everyday, take a picture and put them up when I blog next.

So, it could vary from 2 pairs for 2 dates - like this entry - to 3 or more. But I will try to make 3 as the maximum.

Let's have a great 2011 y'all!

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