Oh, I Need You In My Life!

I rarely want something so bad unless they're Air Jordan's.

But this Kisk Tyo T is something that I want so fucking bad! I need this in my life!

I don't know if I could still get them considering that they're a limited edition. I contacted my connects at Kiks Tyo but they don't have them anymore, despite what is shown on their site.


I went to Sole What? in Mid-Valley but they don't have it. I wonder if I could order it through them. If not, guess I have no choice but to go to eBay.

The thing with Limited Edition stuff is that, the more limited they are, the more they are readily available, courtesy of the vultures who always take advantage.

But hey, beggars can't choose, no?

But do you know what's the most ironic of all this? A friend of mine from Manila actually asked me if I wanted one. I was the one who hooked him up with the Limited Edition Air Force 1 Philippines in '06 and since this particular shirt is about that pair, he wanted to return the favor.

Me rocking the AF 1 Philippines; with Brian and Eelin. Oh, it was on the 25th of January? Hmmm...

I said no because it was a joint project with Ms Clavel - a sneaker magazine based out of Manila - and there's a son of a bitch that I swore to myself that I'll spit on his face who works there.

I know it's juvenile but if you know the asshole, you'd understand why. But you know what, I don't care anymore; it's not as if he owns the magazine anyways; he's just an employee, so I don't give a fuck if he works there, I just want to have this T.



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