Dear God...

Dear God,

I know You have blessed me all my life.

Please do not take this as a sign of ingratitude on my part but instead, please take this open letter as a sign of my continuous devotion to You.

You gave me a perfect 2010 and I thank You. But as I usually tend to do, I forgot that it was through Your generosity and blessings that I had such a great start and You reminded me, in no uncertain ways, about it by putting me through unbearable miseries for the rest of the year, capped by taking back into Your folds my grandmother, right at the end of what has become the worst year of my life.

In retrospect, because I strayed instead of completely devoting myself to You, I so deserve what You put me through 2010; experiences that are so painful and yet life-altering at the same time. And I vowed to myself, and to the people I love, that I would never, ever allow myself to be in a position to go through such things again. Ever.

Thank You for showing me that it is the inside that counts.

Thank You for showing me who are the people I can depend on; the people whom I can trust and who love me for who I truly am.

Again, thank You for giving me the most wonderful parents one could have. Thank You for giving me siblings, who despite continuous disagreements on almost anything and everything, have proven to and will always, be there for me when I need them.

Thank You for not only showering me with abundant love but also for allowing me to be capable of loving and being loved.

Thank you for My Small Baby; she’s truly the best there ever is.

Not to sound too demanding and bratty, but, and if it's possible, I want to know what is in store for me in the coming year. I am ending the worst year I ever had in my life but despite all the miseries I went through, I am leading myself to believe, and hope, that 2011 is going be totally different.

Yes, I believe and I hope. For whether 2011 is going to be better than the previous year is entirely dependent on Your wishes for me. Nevertheless, I will start the year 2010 the right way. I promise.

As You know, I can’t see the future and what's in store for me. While the confidence and belief that it is going to be different, that it’s gonna be a complete contrast from 2010, that’s it’s gonna be great, the decision is really up to You. I just hope, and pray hard, that You’ll see the changes in me; real changes to grant me at least a chance to prove myself.

There are so many things I want to do and accomplish; to prove to the people I love that, once and for all, their unbridled and continuous beliefs in me are justified. We all deserve second chances in life, no? And like everyone who has wronged, I also would like the opportunity to atone for my sins and hope to be given a second chance prove to myself and to the people who have always believed in me that I am what I am and I will be who I am supposed to be.

Looking back, I know I have faltered a million times in a million different ways. But I truly believe that it is time for me to live my life according to how I am supposed to live it. And I need You to continuously guide me through. I know there will be obstacles after obstacles but this time around, I have prepared myself mentally and emotionally to stay on the right path and not be swayed by earthly motives. After all, there ain’t nothing in this life that I haven’t seen, possessed nor experienced.

So yes, it is time. And hopefully, Your presence will lead me through. It is given that I have to do my part and this is why I am writing to You. I promise that I will be who I am destined to be and I know, somewhere in my stars, greatness is written.

But even if greatness is not within my destiny, I will settle for a life where I am with the people I love the most and more importantly, a place where there the realities is that I make them happy.

And come 2011, the journey to the fulfillment of my full potential commences. All I am asking of You is to give me the initial push and the continuous guidance to fulfill this life-long destiny.

Thank you once again for everything You have done for me.

With Your blessings, here’s to a great 2011 and beyond!

Your humbled servant,


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