An Air Jordan That I Want This January...

The Prince of Darkness complained to me over Twitter that for a retired Sneakerehad, I still talk about sneakers a lot.

Before he starts barking again, I might as well blog about an Air Jordan that I want, more like must have, in the month of January.

The Air Jordan III White Cement's are dropping worldwide on the 22nd of January and while most J-heads prefer the Air Jordan III Black Cement's over this, this particular colorway is also another classic.

Wanna know why?

Here's why...

Look at the score in the background: Wilkins - 145, Jordan - 97. His Airness needed 49 to win but he scored a perfect 50 on his last dunk!

The year was 1988. It was the NBA All-Star Dunk Competition. His Airness versus 'The Human Highlight Film.' And they didn't disappoint. They took turns showcasing some of the event's finest and fanciest dunks ever seen. The two combined to record four out of six perfect scores of 50 in the final round.

If you know your basketball, you'd know that MJ needed a 49 on his last dunk to claim his 2nd consecutive slam dunk title. And the way in which he not only bettered 49 but scored yet another perfect 50 is one for eternity!

Who could ever forget the vision of 'The G.O.A.T.' going to the opposite end of Chicago Stadium, kept on bouncing the ball, took off running, lifted off from the free throw line, double clutched in midair and slammed it down for the perfect score and the slam dunk title?


And it goes without saying which pair he had on when he went through one of the most fascinating sights ever to be seen in a basketball court.

Now you know why I have to have this :-)


Urfman said...

But it's not gonna make you fly like that wei! :P

Ivan Omar said...

Urf, read the very top of my blog; similar to wings, I don't need Air Jordan's to make me fly, I need them to stay grounded.

Feel me?

Anonymous said...

You got game son!

I stumbled upon this blog and I'm hook haha you got some mad dope on you.

Looking forward to reading more of your comments and stories.

Ivan Omar said...

Thank you :-)

Oh, please don't expect too much as I have retired from the sneaker game.

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