01.03.011 Equals Air Jordan III

The Air Jordan III is my 2nd all-time favorite J's.

Sometime back, I explained why the III's are such a huge part of my life and what are the personal experiences that are attached with them. I am not going to repeat it here but you can always refer to the link if you want to know.

None of my AJ III OG's are wearable

Unlike the Air Jordan II, the III's are one of the best represented colorways. There are too many to choose from and in deciding which pair to rock on the 3rd day, my OG's and 1994 Retro's are automatically out of the equation; they wouldn't hold up.

I initially wanted to wear a pair from the 2007 colorways as they had more vibrant colorways but I said to myself that the overriding reasons why I am doing all this WDYWT is to go "back to basics."

And with that in mind, I concluded that I should rock a pair that carried more personal meaning to me.

The 2007 Retro's have vibrant colors such as the AJ III DTRT and Silver/Sport Red

I then looked at my 2001 and 2003 collection and decided that it was either the True Blue or Black Cement. But I found myself in another dilemma; should I wear the ones from 2001? Will it hold up? Not wanting to take the risk of the old retro's falling apart if I wore them, I opted to use the latest retro's.

I have always said that I'm partial to white-based J's and based on this criteria alone, logic dictates that I should choose the the True Blue, right?

But you now what, in keeping with the back to basics theme, and more importantly, because it was the pair that I had on in one of the most momentous times of my life, the Black Cement's won.

In the end, I chose the Black Cement's; they have a special significance in my life

So yeah, on the 3rd, I rocked the Air Jordan III Black Cement's.


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