True Love And Love Of Your Life: Is There A Difference?

I don't know about y'all but I have always believed that the two could be different people.

I'm not saying it should be different. I’m saying that it could be different.

Is there a difference between True Love and Love of Your Life?

Ideally, your true love should also be the love of your life. But the reality is that we don't live in an ideal world. How many people do you know who actually end up with their true love and/or the love of their lives?

I can tell you, not many.

So, in essence, the true love and the love of your life could be two people, no?

I once posed this question to The Talking Dog. We had a good 20 minutes debate on the issue and he thinks that it is more likely that the love of your life and your true love are two different people. Had he been sober, he would’ve probably given a calculated and cautious answer but fortunately, he was inebriated when I asked him.

Is the Love of Your Life 'The One'?

Like most people in this world, I also would want them to be the same person. But even in my most idealist state, somewhere at the farthest back of my mind, I also believed that there is a possibility that they won’t be.

Trying to find a difference between the two is extremely hard and definitely impossible when you’re in-love. I guess the best - and perhaps the only rationale - way to really understand the difference is if you’ve gone through them, y’know?

But even if you’ve never gone through it, I still think it’s possible to differentiate between them. I think that the love of your life could be, and is mostly, the one that got away. It’s also probably the one who hurt you the most and yet, you still couldn’t stop loving that person. Unlike your previous exes whom you’ve also loved, you would perhaps love that person for the rest of your life.

I think you will always be in-love with your True Love and the Love of Your Life

Your true love, on the other hand, is God’s gift to you in the name of love. He or she is the best person for you; the one you would want to spend the rest of your life with; the one who loves you unconditionally; the one who loves you despite your imperfections; the one that makes you think and believe that the world is such a beautiful place to be in.

Personally, I have always said and still maintain that I would forever love the ones I used to be in-love with and that they would always occupy a very special place in my heart. But loving someone and being in-love with someone are two totally different things.

And if this would make sense to you as it does to me, your true love is the one you’re in-love with, the love of your life is the one whom you’re still in-love with but lesser than your true love and the others whom you’ve loved before are those you loved.

Or is your True Love 'The One'?

To apply to the aforementioned on a personal context, my true love is the one I’m still and will always be in-love with; the love of my life is the one I will always be in-love and those I used to be in-love with would fall under the category of those who I still love.

Makes sense?

Yes? No?


Oh well.


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