Those That Live Forever...

Gone are the days when the man dominated the courts. Gone are the days when, as you watch every time the Bulls play, you prepare yourself to be mesmerized by the majestic, breathtaking sights of #23. Gone are the days when you are halfhearted in supporting your favorite team when the Chicago Bulls meet them.

Yes, His Airness is gone but his legacy, especially off the NBA courts, continues to live.

His Airness wearing the AJ XI Cool Grey against My Beloved Knicks

In 2001, I was in NYC for the launch of the AJ XI Cool Grey and I can tell you, it was pure madness. Then, I was on top of my sneakerpimpin' days and having the right connections, it was a breeze getting multiple pairs.

Forward it 10 years and here we are again - the same shoe and still the same madness. It ceases to amaze me till today how people could brave the crazy weather conditions to queue up for a pair of shoes, even if they are Air Jordan's. Those who are not into the game call it madness and there's no two ways about it, really; it is indeed madness.

And as I watched the news and surfed online to catch up on the madness, I couldn't help but feel nostalgic. Not too long ago, I, too, would have done the same thing; I would have braved whatever weather conditions just to score them J's. And I have had done as such, on numerous occasions at that.

2010 Air Jordan XI Cool Grey Madness at Niketown NYC

As I'd previously mentioned, like what the Air Jordan XI Space Jam was to 2009, the Air Jordan XI Cool Grey is the must-cop J for 2010. I say, anyone who is serious with their J collection should get this pair, irrespective of whether you are retired or are just getting into the game. Bottom-line, you must have this, even if it's the only Air Jordan you're planning to buy this year.

I like to believe I've done my own share of being a part of the whole thing and since I have retired from actively sneakerpimpin', I don't think I have the energy and the will to go through what these guys have to go through to cop a pair.

Fortunately for me though, there are always people I could count on to deliver. And I'm truly blessed that I don't have to go through the madness again just to cop them, y'know?

Would you brave freezing weather conditions to cop a pair?

With 2010's must-cop J, I would like to sincerely thank the boy who refuses to ball with me for hooking a retired sneakerhead up with the Air Jordan XI Cool Grey.

For allowing me to spend the time with my family instead of sneakerpimpin', from the bottom of my heart, I thank you bro.

And yes, I am retired but once in a while, I am still mad about 'em Air Jordan's.


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