It's About Time!

Finally, after 4 seasons, a team from the Philippines won the Amazing Race Asia.

The Richards, winners of The Amazing Race Asia 4

In the past, there have been teams from the Philippines that were good but something always prevented them from winning. Anyone remember Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez in Season 2? They lead all the way, came in 1st place in 8 legs, but ended up 3rd because they didn't know the flags of the countries they have visited.

In this season's edition, 'The Richards' - Richard Herrera & Richard Hardin - finally gave the Philippines something to be proud about. Not only did they win but they won it by playing fair.

The Richards with Lani Pillinger

The exquisite, and sometimes irritating, Lani Pillinger

Do we see a future for these two in Philippine showbiz? You never know but the likelihood is that they would do something related.

Congrats Team Philippines!


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