It Was Worth Waking Up For :-)

We're back on top!

And we have a game in hand too!


Hail The KimChi Express!

Thanks to a first half goal from the ever reliable KimChi Express, Man United is now 2 points clear of Arsenal at the top of the Premier League standings. We could have made it 2-0 but #10 blasted his penalty shot way over the goal.

And considering that the Red Devils always peak after the winter break, things are looking good for us. Should we continue to play like this, we should win our 19th title, and finally bumping off Liverpool as the most decorated club in the history of the League.

And as much as I love the #18 - it's My Small Baby's birth date and 1 + 8 = 9 - I'd prefer very much if we get our 19th title :-)

Glory, Glory Man United!


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