I Envy The Prince Of Darkness. For Real.

The Prince of Darkness just tweeted that he’s gonna be transferred to Ho Chi Minh City from Seoul, where he is currently based, after the 7th of January 2011.

And I’m jealous. For real.

I'm an 'expert' in dealing with commies! LOL

I have always wanted to work there. A few years ago, I did get an offer to go there but at that point in time, I wasn’t ready and to be honest, the remuneration that they offered was not up to the one I was getting then.

My love affair with HCM started when I worked in Dell. As the head of ASEAN Consumer, I was tasked with launching the consumer business in the region and Vietnam was one of the countries that were under my territory.

Of course, I’ve been to Vietnam before that. But it was during my Dell days when I realized that it was a good place to be - professionally. A tenure in Vietnam would look good in anyone's CV, believe me.

My Small Baby and I in Ho Chi Minh City; I was there to launch the Dell Consumer Business

Me? I just want to go and work there. I have my reasons why.

So, when the Prince of Darkness starts working there and he doesn’t hook me up with a job by the first quarter of 2011, I will cease to be friends with him!


I'm serious. For real!



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