The Growing Absurdity Of Malaysia’s Growing Political Consciousness

Like many Malaysians, I also want the BN rule to end.

But unlike some Malaysians, I am not jumping onto the ‘growing-political-consciousness’ bandwagon.

MyOverseasVote: Are They For Real?

A few days ago, I read an article in Free Malaysia Today that made me both proud and shook my head in disbelief at the same time. In the said article, an organization called MyOverseasVote or MOV, "a group of Malaysians demanding voting rights for all citizens living abroad are planning to bring the Election Commission (EC) and the government to court."


I seriously don’t know what to think. I mean, it’s great that these people would want overseas Malaysians to be able to exercise their fundamental right to vote but on the other hand, I couldn’t help but wonder if they truly represent the wishes of the Malaysians overseas and more importantly, if they know the ludicrousness and impracticality of their mission.

It’s one thing to speak for people who definitely want to be part of the electoral process back home but to generalize everyone in their suit against the Elections Commission and the government? I seriously doubt whether this organization has even conducted a simple research and/or referendum to ascertain the wishes of overseas Malaysians.

The Malaysian government doesn’t reveal the actual figures of how many of its citizens are studying and/or working overseas. It is said that there are approximately 1 million Malaysians - students and workers - overseas, and around 40% of them are Singapore-based.

MOV's coordinator Andrew Yong

And of these figures, how many of them have given up their Malaysian citizenship? It is common knowledge that a high number of Malaysians – prevalent amongst the Chinese - who initially went somewhere to study, have either taken up, have initiated and/or desire to be, citizenships in those particular countries.

How many of these people have MOV spoken to for them to purportedly represent? And let’s say they have spoken to them - which I really doubt is the case – but let’s just say, ya? How many of them would want to be part of the electoral process of a country they have chosen to, and/or are planning to, willingly abandon?

Really, how many?

I have families who are overseas; in fact, my immediately family members are all overseas. My Small Baby has families overseas. And I’m darn sure you have families overseas too, no?

How many of them want to be part of the Malaysian elections? Seriously.

This is what I’m trying to stress here. I like the fact that some Malaysians are taking the initiative to want to include those who are overseas but it should be in a manner that is based on pure common sense. It should be based on the free will of those they purportedly represent and if they haven’t conducted a simple research/referendum, what makes them think that they could represent these people? Even ten thousands of the 1 million do not give them the mandate and the right to represent the Malaysians overseas.

MOV's Andrew Yong together with (R-L) Shazni Munir Mohd Ithnin (Chairman of Soladariti Mahasiswa Malaysia); Malik Imtiaz Sarwar (Current President of president of the National Human Rights Society and a MCLM Candidate); Journalist Aloysius Pinto; and Sreekant Pilla (Another MCLM Candidate)

And to sue the EC and the government? What a joke!

One then begs to wonder what their true motives are. If it's really advocating for the rights of the Malaysians overseas to vote, don't you think a due research and referendum is the least they could have done?

Or is it to make a name for themselves so that they have enough 'press clippings' to warrant attention and be potentially picked by the Opposition to contest in the forthcoming elections? If so, then all they have to do is just say it loud lah, y’now? Malaysians are not that stupid not to be able to pierce through their ulterior motives.

Yes, there is a growing political consciousness sweeping Malaysians at home and abroad. But in as far as this MOV is concerned; it’s more absurdity that is growing in them. And they’re just conveniently tying it in with the political consciousness that is growing amongst Malaysians.



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