Burned Notice Or Burn Noticed?

Apparently, I got burned!

A couple of days ago, I was talking to someone who wanted to hire me as his replacement, as he was being posted to another country. Suffice to say, the negotiations broke down for reasons even he didn't understand. And I don’t know why but after finding out the truth from his boss, he felt that he owed it to himself, and me, to explain why.

The effect of the Burn Notice is minimal, to say the least. Be careful with playing with fire...

Seemingly, I was told that a certain CEO of the local office of an international agency had issued out a burn notice for me. But here’s the thing; unlike the notice that US intelligence agencies usually mete out to each other, the burn notice for me was not because I’m unreliable but instead, it was said that hiring me would only jeopardize the positions of the very people who’d hire me as I, apparently, excel at showing the powers that be that I’m more suitable than the person who is hiring me.


If this is true, then shame on the man who issued out the notice as well as those who accept that notice. Not only are they insecure motherfuckers, they have just reinforced my contention and beliefs that racism is rampant in the corporate world.

Honestly though, while it did bother me to a certain degree, for the most part, I am not the least perturbed. It also made choices easier for me. The agencies that accede to such a ludicrous notice are certainly ones that I wouldn’t want to work in. Plus, they’re forgetting that unlike most of them, who are stuck in one industry, I could go into a number of industries.

More importantly, they’re forgetting that the success and viability of agencies are dependent on their clientele and the world being small, who knows, we could meet again; only this time, I will be on the opposite side as a client.

Your action is nothing but a 15-second toast...

It doesn’t pay to be evil, no matter how much it seems to work. I could play the game and start with their clients but I’m not the vengeful type. Admittedly, there was only once that I was but even then, I flip-flopped from destroying to protecting that person.

I’ve been given a second lease at life and no way am I going to use it to undermine others, even if they deserve to be trampled upon. Life is too beautiful to be wasted on revenge, don’t you think so? I’m not gonna go after the son of a bitch but when the opportunity arises, only then will I decide.

I might have been burned and while the jury is still out as to what extent, I am still standing, aren't I?



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