Where's The Poop, Ivan?


People change all the time. Some become better humans, other go down the opposite path. The fact is, it's not uncommon for people to change; rather, it's an expected cycle in one's life.

It's also a fact that people change because and for different various reasons. But whatever the factors may be, people change and it's a given fact of life.


Why is it then that when I change, people don't seem to understand it? If change is a common thing, why is it so hard for people to understand and accept that even I could also change.


Is it such an impossible thing that I could change? I mean, yeah, I'm a creature of habits and people like us have a hard time trying change certain ways we have been accustomed to doing for years but it should not be equated with not being able to change at all, no?

I agree there are certain aspects of my life that have changed. But I like to believe that the changes are positive and if unfortunately some of you don't like the new Ivan Omar, I'm sorry but you either have to live with it or walk away.

I have changed yes but I am still the same person inside; the only things that changed are what you see on the outside. I have learned to let go off the things that don't define who I am as a person fundamentally.

So, where's the poop, you ask?

No poop. Just a new IO :-)


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