What's Wrong With Who You Are?

I have no respect for people who don't speak their mother tongue!

As a matter of fact, I actually can't stand them. To me, they're in the lowest class of posers around. Seriously, I just can't accept people who can't speak their mother tongues, they don't qualify to be called human beings.

Learning to be proud of who you are starts at home

I understand that sometimes, it is not the children's fault that they don't speak their mother tongue and that the parents didn't want them to learn the language, but honestly what kind of parents are they? I mean, shouldn't we be teaching our children to be proud of who they are and part of being who they are is knowing where their ancestry is from and the language that makes up their people?

As far as I see it, there is no difference between people who refuse to speak their mother tongue and those who actually don't know how to speak them. Both kinds are posers in the lowest form. And the worst of them all are those who, just because they were born and brought up overseas, use that excuse for not knowing how to speak.

My boy, the Prince of Darkness, is an excellent example of someone who remained true to his roots. He was born in England, spent his formative years there, studied in the States and hold dual British-Bangladeshi citizenship and yet, he speaks Bengali. Granted he's somewhat choosy with the Bangladeshis he mixes with but the fact remains, he speaks and is proud of his language.

Our mother tongue is part of who we are and who we are gonna be

Personally, I could put myself as an example too. I am a Suluk, brought up in the States and spent years traveling from one country to another and yet, while I express better in the English language, I speak Suluk fluently. And too, along the way, I learned different languages but there never was a time when I refused to speak Suluk to my fellow Suluks. Never.

Between my brothers and I, we speak almost every major languages there is in this world. But I'm proud to say that we are all fluent in our mother tongue. No matter where we were, we have always made sure that when the opportunity arose, we would always be speaking in Suluk.

Like seriously, what is wrong with being who you are? My Small Baby comes from the small Hainanese tribe and there's not a lot of them in Malaysia but she speaks her language and is proud that she could.

I have nothing but the utmost respect for people who hasn't forgotten their roots

No matter how one is successful in their careers and with earthly possessions, I could never give them any respect. Never.


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