My Small Baby And I Would Be Awesome!

Ever since the Asian Edition started in 2006, I have always watched it.

I liked the first one a lot and while I watched the 2nd and 3rd seasons as well, I wasn't as hooked as the first one as I felt that the contestants were selected not based on merit but how well connected they were.

Yes, I am talking about The Amazing Race Asia :-)

The Amazing Race Asia: Season 4

Watching the show through the years, I can't help but wonder: should I enter the Race, who would I want to be my partner?

The answer is, without hesitation and hands down, My Small Baby.

Think about it. My Small Baby travels the world for a living. And the route is usually always the same - South East Asia, Australia and NZ, South Asia and perhaps the Middle East.

Between me and her, we basically know these regions like we know KL! Seriously, It would be a breeze for us, geographically speaking. My Small Baby would have to take the lead in Australia and New Zealand but I know the ASEAN countries very well as well as South Asia and the Middle East. And oh, I speak their languages too, so that helps a lot.

And if ever the route stretches to Europe, My Small Baby knows the major cities at the back of her hand, she goes there almost on a monthly basis!

My Small Baby getting ready to bungee jump! And with beauty and style too!

Yes, My Small Baby would be the perfect partner for me.

Unfortunately though, I don't think I would be her preferred partner. I am not as adventurous as her and I am too 'spoiled' to be living in not-so-fancy hotels but I know, deep in me, and despite the way how I was brought up and currently live my life, I'll survive living in uncomfortable lodgings.

So yeah, if ever I join The Amazing Race Asia, I'll definitely want My Small Baby as my partner. And together, we'd be awesome!


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