My Ideal Daughter

When I have a daughter, and should it be possible, I want someone who is like Emily Lightman; she would be my ideal daughter.

She's smart, witty, good at reading people, understands her father's craziness even if she doesn't always agree with his ways and above all, she has a good head on her young shoulders.

Before I explain further, let me first tell y'all who Emily Lightman is. She is the only daughter of Cal Lightman, the world's leading deception expert. Don't know who she is? Then you must not be a fan of the Fox TV series 'Lie To Me'. If indeed you don't watch the show, then I suggest you Google it first to find out what the show is all about and understand what I'm about to write below as to why she would be my ideal daughter.

Simply put, if she could hold her own against a father who is as eccentric as Cal Lightman, then she would be the kind of daughter best suited for my personality. I know I'm a great father but there are times when my eccentricity is totally misunderstood and you need to be like Emily to understand what goes on behind the brilliance and eccentricity of a father.

I know y'all would probably be thinking that I have gone mad, and that she is merely a character but hey, I'm just saying that I would want my daughter to be able to stand up against me for the right reasons, y'know?

In reality though, should My Small Baby and I would be blessed with a daughter, I know she'd be a wonderful, wonderful girl. And you know what would be more awesome? If our daughter has her mother's looks and her father's brains!



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