"A Little Learning Is A Dangerous Thing..."

Like most urban-based, English-proficient Malaysians, I, too, read the online news portals and blogs to keep myself abreast with the political happenings in the country.

Do we want the country to continue to be abused by the powers that be?

Who doesn't read Raja Petra's Malaysia Today? The man has become a living legend for the things he has done, in exposing the rampant financial enslavement of the people by the government. He has, exposé after exposé, singlehandedly brought to general public's attention the corrupt practices of many people, mostly those who sit in the corridors of power.

Besides RPK, there are also others who blog about the political climate in the country and as in any other things in life, there are always differing opinions, thoughts and analysis.

The thing is, all of them like position themselves as political analysts and promulgators of a better Malaysia. They want people to think that they are all in-tune with what is happening on the ground; reporting the alleged grouses by grass root supporters of the different political parties in the country.

Anwar Ibrahim is far from perfect but he's the only one who can unite all Malaysians

I've stopped reading the mainstream papers and the times when I am forced to read one, I always take whatever is written there with a pinch of salt. After all, I'm a thinking adult and I do know how to differentiate between the truth, half-truths and the lies.

Similarly, when it comes to online news portals and/or blogs, I also take what I read with a pinch of salt, as different bloggers seem to have different agendas. Even those who blog about the cruelty and unfairness of the UMNO-led government don't see eye-to-eye when it comes to the opposition parties.

But of all the anti-BN bloggers out there, the one that disgusts me the most is Harris Ibrahim, the man behind "The People's Parliament" blog. Seriously, the man is lost! Oh, I'm sure he's a smart and influential man and maybe, he does want to effect changes in the country but he seems to be hell-bent in destroying PKR and Anwar Ibrahim.

Of all the anti-government bloggers out there, he is the worst of them. He's been known to comes up with lies to support his agendas and entries. I seriously don't know what he's aiming for; maybe he wants to be in Parliament or something.

He started his blog on the premise of being a social activist, a champion of the people's right and what not, but lately, he's been on the offensive in trying to undermine the very parties that has united Malaysians against the BN government.

RPK with Harris Ibrahim

Sometime ago, the current Malay Mail editor exposed one of Harris Ibrahim's lies. But what irks me the most is his commentaries about Sabah politics. He claims to have an insider and maybe he does have someone who feeds him information but I seriously doubt the things his informant(s) have been telling him. I also wonder when was the last time he's actually been to Sabah and actually met the Pakatan Rakyat leaders out there?

He is clearly a supporter of Zaid Ibrahim and that's fine with me. But to propagate the notion that Zaid is big in Sabah because Jeffrey Kitingan is with him is so far from the truth! Honestly, while people in Sabah respect Zaid because of his fairytale like story, he was never the favorite to win in the Deputy President race. Of course, if you ask those associated with Jeffrey, then yes, Zaid is the front runner but if one were to really go to the ground and speak to the PKR members there, that notion is so untrue.

Anyways, this entry is not aimed at trying to be a political analyst or put other people down, but it's merely an expression of my personal thoughts on what I have, and continue to, observed on how Malaysians behave vis a vis the politics in the country.

Like the bloggers, the general public also seem to be divided on the opposition; the only thing that really unites all of them is their hatred for UMNO and BN. And it doesn't really help when the influential people who are seen and regarded by the general populace to be anti-establishment are, in a way, working on a hidden agenda, either for personal gains and/or of disrupting the unity of the opposition parties.

This is not the time to question Pakatan Rakyat. If we are to question anything, it's the motives of people like Harris Ibrahim

In Malaysia, we are all soccer pundits and believe that we understand the game enough to be experts. And just like in soccer, the Malaysian public tend to get carried away by what they read and consider themselves as political pundits in the process.

And this is the danger that the country is facing. We could all learn from what the great English poet Alexander Pope once said, "A little learning is a dangerous thing..."

So yeah, let's be very careful with what we think we know, especially when that knowledge is learned from reading online portals and blogs.


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