I Support PKR But...

Y'all know I am apolitical. I hate politics and those very close to me know the shit I went through last year because of politics.

But this entry is not about that. It's about the by-election in Batu Sapi and the candidates vying to replace the deceased MP. I am not a member of any political party - by choice - but those who know me well know that I am pro-PKR because of Anwar Ibrahim.

I don't really care much about SAPP but Yong Teck Lee has proven to be a good representative

Yes, I am a supporter of Anwar Ibrahim and my reasons are personal. It is in the same token that I am saying, if I were a registered voter in Batu Sapi, I would vote for Yong Teck Lee.

I know there's a disconnect in my choice of candidate and the party I am supporting. But I have a good reason. Again, it's personal.

Unlike the voters in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabahans tend to be loyal to the person who represents them, not the party they represent. And ask anyone in the Likas constituency about Yong Teck Lee and I guarantee that majority would only have something good to say about the man.

He was truly a representative in the real sense of the meaning of the word. Irrespective of which tribe you belong to, irrespective of what religion you profess, irrespective of where you stand in society, Yong Teck Lee was always open to listening to your problems.

Man, for a representative to even learn the Suluk language because there are many in his constituency speaks highly of him. I know for a fact that when invited by normal people to grace weddings, open houses and as such, when he's available, count him in to attend. That is Yong Teck Lee as a representative.

I would vote for 'Taikoh' any day; he's always been good to his constituents

Look, as I've said, I'm apolitical. I don't really care much about the politicians' promises and what not. I look at their record in being a representative more than their ideals because we all know, most of them just talk.

Personally, I don't care what Yong Teck Lee's motives are at contesting in the Batu Sapi by-election. I don't support his party either, I like DAP amongst the Chinese based parties.

But as a representative of the people in a particular constituency, Yong Teck Lee is one of the best there is. I am not a registered voter in Batu Sapi but I know for a fact that a lot of my fellow Suluks are and while I am not gonna campaign for him, should my people ask me who I want to win, I'd say Yong Teck Lee hands down.

Yes, I support PKR but when it comes to Yong Teck Lee, I'd have to use my common sense and vote for someone whom I know truly represents his constituents. If it were someone else from SAPP, I would definitely back the PKR candidate but unfortunately, it's Yong Teck Lee and I have nothing but good words to say.


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