Hacker-Pschorr, Anyone?

I was never a beer person and still ain't till today.

Even during my college years when all we could afford were beers, I never got to liking them. Even being brought up in the States where friends 'bud' it up all the time, I was always the odd man out.

Now that I've established my lack of preference for beers, surely it's given that I wouldn't know the best brands out there, right? Case in point, Hacker-Pschorr.

All my life, I've never heard of a beer called Hacker-Pschorr! Like seriously, couldn't they name a beer that is easier to pronounce or remember for that matter? I understand it's German and it must be easy for the Germans to pronounce it but as the world is flat and commerce has become global, a brand name that is easy to remember and pronounce would go along way, no?

The first time I ever heard of that brand was through My Li'l Girl. Apparently, her dad asked her to try it and she then, in turn, asked me. I remember I was with Falowitz and we had to Google it to know what it was!

Anyways, yeah, I just found out that they sell this particular brand in the convenience store at the place where I am staying. And it just brought back the memories, 's all.

Do y'all know why you don't see the guys in Gossip Girl drinking beer?

Now you do :-)


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