Don't Bother, I Have Deaf Ears!

Almost all my life, I've always been a recipient of the proverbial 'his girlfriend is so beautiful, he must be rich' statement and/or stare from people.

I used to be so bothered, getting angry in the process, but as years went on, I've just accepted the fact that a lot of people are born to be jealous motherfuckers! And we could all try to understand the psyche of these people but in the end, humans are just as such.

I'm already immune to be being envied...

I even find it amusing to know that people seem to hate those who are rich and yet, they'd do almost everything to afford the same privileges. Again, humans are as such. It is inherent in us to be envious but while others could contain it, use it even to inspire themselves to want better things, there are those who would forsake whatever humanity left in them to be in the same boat as the ones they despise so much.

I have also, long time ago, stopped entertaining these kinds of stares and statements. Yes I have a beautiful girlfriend, so? I'm not sorry that I do; I'm sorry that some people are jealous.

And you know what else I'm not sorry about? I'm not sorry that these people don't really know me because if they did, they would be the first to concede that my financial standing is the the last of all reasons why I have always had beautiful girlfriends.

My Gorgeous Small Baby :-)

So yeah, My Small Baby is gorgeous, the whole world knows that. What is it to you?

Jealous much?

Too bad. Life is not fair. Live with it.


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