5 Songs And A Wedding

You know, I have always maintained that wedding is the wife's and marriage's is the husbands.

A man should always give and/or allow his wife to plan her perfect wedding. It's been said that women have been dreaming of their wedding since they were little girls and personally, I think the least any man could do is give that fairytale to his future wife.

When My Small Baby and I get married, I will do everything I could to ensure that the wedding would be the way she wants it to be. All I would request though and this is subject to her approval is that when we have our first dance, I would want to play the 5 songs that mean so much to me.

Here are the 5 songs I want to be played during our first dance:
1. No Once Else Comes Close - Joe
2. Bless The Broken Road - Originally by Hummon, Popularized by Rascall Flatts
3. Because You Love Me - Celine Dion
4. Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You - George Benson
5. Stand By Me - Ben E. King
Again, let me reiterate here that this would be subject to her approval. Should she feel that any of the songs are inappropriate or if she ain't feeling any of the songs, then it's off the list.

Just saying.


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