2010's "Much Ado About Nothing" Stories

As 2010 is about to close its books, here are my top 3 'Much Ado About Nothing' stories that captured the imagination of the public, either at a global scale and/or just in Malaysia.

1. The 'New' Miami Heat

The Miami Trio of Superstars: Nothing But Hype...

When King James decided to bring "his talent to Miami" and play for the Heat, basketball lovers all over the world either rejoiced or shocked, depending on how one views LeBron's abandonment of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Irrespective of what people thought about his perceived betrayal, the general consensus was that an NBA dynasty was born. I know it's way too early as we're only a month into the 2010/2011 season but as of this writing, they're currently languishing at 8-7.

Now, considering the hype and fanfare that followed when LeBron and Bosh signed for Miami, I really think that they shouldn't be where they are now. I mean, 8 wins and 7 losses? C'mon now! And they were talking about beating the 95-96 Chicago Bulls record of 72-10!


The Miami Trio is nowhere near this trio that led the Bulls to 72-10 record during the 1995-96 season.

It'll probably take them a few more months or seasons, realistically speaking, to be a contender in the East, so let's stop talking about a far-fetched notion such as a dynasty. I seriously doubt they'll pass by the Boston Celtics and/or Orlando Magic this season and even if they miraculously do, they're not strong enough to beat the Lakers.

So yeah, when 3 superstars teamed up to play for the Heat, people started talking about a new dynasty. Instead, all we are getting so far is nothing but a "much ado about nothing" story.

3. The Zaid Ibrahim Saga

Dato Zaid Ibrahim: Ambitious much? He's probably thinking "I should be the one sitting next to Lim Guan Eng

Personally, I think it's too much ado about nothing, y'know? I'm sure he is a very smart man but when he bowed out of the race to become PKR's Deputy President, his incessant blabbing about his displeasure of the party to the general public made me lose my respect and admiration for him.

Honestly though, besides being the first sitting federal minister to ever resign from his post because of his apparent principles, what has he done? He was never in the forefront of wanting to make Malaysia a better place. When he was in UMNO, did anyone of the so-called political analysts ever gave him any media space? It was only when he resigned that people started noticing him; otherwise, he would have been just another jaguh kampung UMNO leader who'd peak at nothing but a division chairman.

Don't get me wrong. He is a very smart man and I'm sure if his intentions to make the country a better place were genuine, he would have just gone about his business and make that happen. But instead, he wanted to be in the limelight and I'm sorry but his actions confirmed that he ain't nothing but another politician who wants nothing to do with bettering the country but just wants to be in the limelight.

Zaid Ibrahim and Anwar Ibrahim

I don't understand why some bloggers - perhaps they are on Zaid's payroll - could compare Zaid with Anwar Ibrahim. I know I'm perceived to be an 'Anwarista' but c'mon now, seriously, there's no comparison. It's like comparing Jay Z with someone like, say, Soulja Boy; feel me?

I'm not saying Anwar is a saint, no. But ask yourselves what has Zaid done, compared to Anwar, in the political front that warrants such a comparison? And please don't bring the 'he-resigned-because-he-is-a-principled-man' argument once again.

Did it ever occur to anyone that him resigning and jumping ship was nothing but a way to save face knowing that Abdullah Badawi was on his way out and that he'd never be accepted by Najib?

Think about it.

3. The iPad

Steve Jobs unveiling the iPad

Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced the iPad as a device to fill the gap between smartphones like the iPhone and high-end laptops like the MacBook and MacBook Pro. He said there needs to be a middle device, but it needs to be better than the alternatives at what it does. Netbooks currently fill the void, but according to Jobs, “netbooks aren’t better at anything.” He and his colleagues at Apple believe that the iPad is.

But you know what, I think it’s not — it’s not even close. It’s mighty cool, it’s super convenient and it’s very sexy, but it’s not even better than a netbook at some of those things. The iPad is not the transformational device so many Apple enthusiasts were hoping for. It won’t turn all the content industries upside down, it won’t be your primary computing device, and it’s not even a bigger, better iPhone.

This isn’t the middle device folks have been waiting for because — and I’m using Steve Jobs’s own criteria here — it’s not better at anything than any other device on the market. It’s a step in that direction yes, but the day hasn’t come yet.

If you already have a Smartphone and Laptop, the iPad is not worth having!

We’re told the iPad is “the best way to experience the web, e-mail, photos, and videos. Hands down.” But it's definitely far from that. Right now, that line is nothing but an advertising copy that to create hype and gimmick.

Apple's iPad is indeed another example of a "much ado about nothing" story.


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