We Don't Always Get What We Want...

So true, this is so true.

Most of the times, when we don't get the things or the person that we wanted so much, we are left with almost nothing but the unbearable pain of a broken heart.

It's only human, I guess but despite the pain, we need to take solace in the notion that God has other plans for us.

I saw this in Tumblr and it reminded me so much of a blog entry I wrote sometime back. In the said entry, I wrote thus:

"There are things in this world that you really, really want but I won’t give them to you because they’re not good for you".

I know it's a daunting task, more so when the pain we go through is real. But when we allow ourselves to embrace the graces of the Benevolent, it makes it much easier. I ain't saying the pain won't be there anymore, I'm saying it's much easier to swallow and live with and through it.

Try it. It'll bring some comfort and calm to your soul.


Oh, I got this from a 15 year old kid who makes great looking stuff such as this.


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